The Wardens get out of jail

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015 11:08am
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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On yet another wet June day Rowington were met at their ground by an insistent Kenilworth captain stating that the game must go ahead, and after an inspection of the beautifully manicured grounds the Rowington skipper went out to toss up and came back with the decision that the R's were to bowl, if it stopped raining.
By 1.30 the rain had subsided and although black clouds were abound the players took to the pitch with Pigeon and Rex opening the batting and Steve Jay and Matt Williams the bowling, after 4.3 overs the heavens opened and with the score on 0 the players took refuge in the pavilion.
After 35 minutes it was deemed fit to play again and the first ball back saw Pigeon fly at one and Alex Dean caught him off Jay and he was back in the nest, Rex was joined by Baker who soon joined Pigeon as he flicked one off his legs to keeper Jefferson down the leg side and its 10 -2.
Rex is doggedly batting on getting more edges that middles and Challis-Brown joins him and despite getting a boundary he plays all around a swinging Jay delivery and his off stump goes as Jay bowls him.
Ballinger comes in and helps Rex get to 25 when Rogers replaces Williams and his fourth ball clean bowls Ballinger for 5 and now its 25 -4.
Jay comes in to bowl his last over having only gone for 8 in his previous 9 and after 5 balls the heavens open........and it pours, so with gloomy clouds and persistent rain the players decide to take tea, the 20 minutes of continual rain had left puddles all over the square so the Rowington players started the mop up eagerly followed by the clock watching Kenilworth scorer, funny how attitudes change? 
Anyway with only 4 minutes to try and save the game the covers were pushed back to reveal that the rain had got under the covers ( and that's why they call it the blues?) and the pitch was soaked and alas the track was deemed too dangerous to carry on and the gleeful Wardens walked away with 5 more points that they were likely to get and the R's only 7!


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