Tough Start for Severn Stars

Severn Stars vs Surrey Storm

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 08:29pm
St. Clement, Worcester
By Lucy Caden
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In their first Superleague appearance Severn Stars were matched up against two time reigning champions Surrey Storm. The girls came out the block all guns firing taking a five goal lead in the first few minutes of the game. However, as expected Storm settled and after a tightly contested fifteen minutes Stars finished the quarter with a one goal lead.

During the second quarter Storm played a steady and consistent attacking game. A game which Stars failed to match. Although they created a strong defensive presence, Stars struggled to convert resulting in a ten goal deficit going into half time.  

The second half mirrored the first with a draw in the third and a weaker final quarter. Surrey finished the game strong stretching the lead to 18 goals. 

All in all Stars showed moments of relentless defence and slick attack. The girls will be looking to iron out the creases and make their game more consistent ready for the coming Super Saturday.


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