Turner Impresses in Scotland

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2015 09:05pm
Harvington, Wychavon
By Sara Turner
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Evesham’s Olly Turner and family travelled to Lochgelly for the Scottish Championship double header last weekend which was tipped to be the most competitive and exhilarating round yet in the 2015 JASCAR history.

Further car developments and preparation ensured Turner had the #22 Joey Lagano replica back in shape so the youngster could drive to his ability after disappointing damage to the half scale in previous rounds earlier in the spring.

The perfect track conditions found at the HRP Lochgelly oval set the foundation for two days of great racing. The junior cars arrived with their gold bumpers in tribute to Keir Millar, looked outstanding as the weather for the Saturday evening race stayed dry but remained very windy.

Five heats ran in reverse grids over the two days culminated in a championship final where the grids positions were earned. A full grid including three rookie drivers meant from the first heat there were almost two races, the experienced drivers having to negotiate through the lapped back markers on later laps each heat. Turner held onto grid positions on day one with a 3rd, a second and a 3rd. It was clear that with the driver’s capabilities it was all about the starts. Lap times showed that Turner had the pace but his start positions in heat 1 and 3 he was boxed in and the #24 #88 got away. However Olly knew what to do for the second day. 

A second place in heat 4 in the opening race on Sunday, showed the warmer temperature in the tyres and self-assurance in the car, Oliver was able to push the car to its limit. An exhilarating 5th heat where although Turner held his 3rd place his reassuringly quick pace and handling, sat on #88 bumper in the later laps, which set him up for the concluding race. Turner on the inside of the second row behind #24 of the grid actually had the primary spot to read the race ahead with the rookies now at the rear. A cracking start by #22 and #88, who managed to go wide and beat #24 Lord to the first bend. After a couple of laps the #24 Corben Lord set off on his campaign and retook the lead to leave the 2nd and 3rd place battle to commence, as it had all weekend. It looked as if Turner had settled for third but with extra 2 laps in a 12 lap long final, he could reel back in #88. Waiting until the car had reached optimum temp and warm tyres Olly pushed and push until it looked as if he had to hold back as #88 held P2. With only 2 laps to go, the back markers started to come into play. Lord passed them with no dramas. Knowing being in P2 was imperative before catching the lapped racer, Turner went wide just before catching them up to find a racing line with his pace. However he had to tuck back in behind #88 but on the back straight, but he had the pace with a gutsy move got the inside line before the 3rd corner. With one lap to go, coming up to the back markers meant #88 could catch Turner who was lapping cars around the outside of turn 1, #88 and #22 battle trough the traffic, the rookie drivers doing a great job of holding their line. On the last two corners of the race# 22 found the line out wide , flew round turn four in a courageous manoever knowing potentially #88 had the faster line on the inside of another rookie, and held the car over the line to move from P3 to Reserve Scottish Champion.

The whole meeting was a real testament to all the JASCAR drivers who range from 9-14yrs at the moment. “It was the most fun I have had in ages, and great to be in a competitive car” says turner who was so pleased with his performance. 

Next meeting is Birmingham on the 11th July where Olly will continue to get the most out of himself and his car. Thanks go to all Olly Turner Racing’s supporters and sponsors- Bruce Moore of Auto Enginuity, Evesham in particular.


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