Uncontested Win for Williams

Arden Ladies Trophy Series

Last Updated: May 5, 2015 07:50pm
Defford, Wychavon
By Robin Evans
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The first race of the day at Arden Sailing Club on Sunday was the initial round of the Ladies Trophy series. Blustery conditions kept all bar one of the lady helms on shore. Giving Emma Williams an un-opposed win in her Laser. Having survived 2 laps without a dunking discretion became the better part of valour and she put the boat away for the day.

Second race of the day was round 2 of the handicap series which is new for this year. 2 Comets,1 Heron, 1 Solo and a Mirror came to the line. The fun started from the gun. Terry in the Comet and Simon in the Solo were over the line so had to return before setting off. Terry made a quick restart whilst Simon ended up tangled with the 2nd comet at the landing stage. The wind by this time had risen sharply and was gusting at the top end of force 4 causing waves to form on the river. David sailed serenely on in the Heron. Pausing by the bank when required to ride out the worst of the gusts. The one advantage of sailing on a river, you can always pull over!!  Kevin in the mirror found the conditions too much and retired on the line. Simon by now was plugging away on a hard beat. Inspecting the bottom of his boat at regular intervals but just managing to keep it up right. Terry in the Comet managed the most spectacular down wind leg only to lose it all in his fourth capsize of the day at the gybe mark. Enough was enough and he retired. With the 2nd comet not having left the landing stage after the incident with the Solo it was now 3 down 2 remaining. David parked his Heron at the end of his first lap. Still dry but suffering from ‘far to much excitement’ which left Simon Newman in his Solo with a well deserved win.

Surprisingly no one wanted to venture out for the 3rd race of the day which was postponed until later in the season.