Westfields 0 - 0 Brocton

Midlands Football League Premier Division

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2016 05:37pm
Penkside, Stafford
By Pete Russell
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Brocton’s first scoreless draw of the season began in even more bizarre circumstances than the scenic route to the fixture which caused them to have no more than a cursory warm up and to have the pre-match team talk on the bus.

The game soon got down to an end to end  encounter where both teams were able to threaten their opponents’ goal. Jack Edwards got past the back line to the right of goal and with a defender trying to shepherd him wide, chose not to shoot, but to cut the ball back into the box. The ball was hit gratefully out for a corner. Ed Booth met the corner with a firm head but could not keep it below the bar.

Matt Gwynne foiled the next attack by calmly putting his hand on the ball to prevent its passage some six inches or more outside his box. Had any of the officials noticed, he could have put his team in deep trouble, but they didn’t and all it did is to give him a wry smile.

Westfields then won a corner at the other end and got in a powerful header at the far post but over the bar. The goal kick was collected in midfield but Josh D Wilson cut out the intended pass and quickly set Edwards on the run again. This time he crossed early but a corner was the result again. The first attempt into the box was blocked and a high lob back in followed. Headed back across the box, Dave Berks produced a volley into the ground but it bounced over both keeper and bar. 

Westfields tried to go long to use their pace at the front, but the ball kept coming back and it was Charlie Jones’ turn next to intercept and this time it was young Josh D Wilson who jinked his way into the box, bringing a good save from Gwynne.

Berks tried to slip Edwards in on the edge of the box, only to hit the pass a touch too firmly before a combination between those two provided Dan Lomas with a volleyed chance just wide.

Westfields caused some consternation from a free kick and sustained pressure on Brocton’s box before bringing a fine save low to his right from Calum Barrett to draw the half to a close.

Westfields had better chances in the second period as perhaps their greater pace got them into better positions, but Brocton kept them at bay and produced a few threats of their own. Most high balls foundered with Booth for Brocton and James Sauntson for Westfields imperious in the air and when Sauntson had the chance to come up into the box that looked to be the home side’s greatest opportunity.

In the end a draw was a fair result and the visitors had taken the chance for a first start for youngster Ben Douglas, another fine match at centre back for striker Gary Fife and a cameo from stalwart Andy Bourne.


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