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Last Updated: Sep 7, 2015 08:01pm
Frankton, Rugby
By Karin Kirk
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The very popular annual White Rose multi event weekend of orienteering took place this weekend in the Pickering area of Yorkshire, and with 9 different events in the programme including sprints, urban, middle distance, long, night, mountain bike and wheelchair, there was something for the many hundreds of competitors to choose from.   

At the night score event juniors Felix and Oliver Lunn came 3rd and 4th respectively finding 18 controls within the 30 minute time limit to score 180 points. Anne Straube was 2nd in the Veteran Women finding 19 controls out a possible 30 within the time limit.  Dave Marr was 9th with 180 points on the Super Vet course. 

The Sprint event produced some fast times and Harrison McCartney M18 won the Senior Mens 2.2km course in 15.09mins. Lesley Ross won the Veteran Womens event taking 14.01mins on the 1.4km course with Anne Straube 3rd in 15.24mins. Chris McCartney was 3rd in the Veteran Mens 1.9km course in 14.49mins. In the junior sprints Felix Lunn was 2nd, Oliver Lunn 6th, Florence Lunn 7th and Tabitha Lunn 9th.

In the classic length event Felix Lunn won his M14 class on the 2.8km course taking 27.03mins. Daniel Roth won the short M40 class in 99.15mins on the 6.4km course. Trevor Simpson took the honours on the M75 Long 3km course 6 minutes ahead of nearest competitor in 46.11mins. Dave Marr was 2nd on the M60 Long 6.4km class taking 94.03mins.

Junior girls:  Florence Lunn was 3rd in 56.3mins and Tabitha Lunn 64.25mins 5th in the W12 class 2.7km course. Kirsten Strain W21 was the top woman, 82.31mins on the 7.2km W21 course with 335 metres of climb, Anne Straube won the W40 class on the 6.4km course taking 72.22mins on the 6.4km course and Lesley Ross won the W45 5.6km class too in 63.55mins with a 16 minute lead. Janet Richardson was 5th in the W65 Long course, Sue Bicknell 4th on the W70 Long course and Hilary Simpson 2nd on the W75 Long course.  

Further wins were clocked up by Felix Lunn M14, Trevor Simpson M75, Anne Straube W40 and Lesley Ross W45 in their respective classes at the middle distance event. Third places in their classes were: Florence Lunn W12, Dave Marr M60, Carolyn Marr W65, Sue Bicknell W70 and Hilary Simpson W75. Harrison McCartney won the Brown 4.1km course in 45.28mins.

Combining the scores of the middle and long classic distances gave several Octavian Droobers members podium places: 1st Felix Lunn M14, 1st Trevor Simpson M75, 1st Kirsten Strain W21, 1st Anne Straube W40, 1st Lesley Ross W45, 2nd Dave Marr M60, 3rd Florence Lunn W12, 3rd Sue Bicknell W70 and 3rd Hilary Simpson W75. Anne Straube also won the Trail O Event, which is designed for all limited or fully abled competitors.



Didcot Urban


Around 300 people ran at the annual Urban event in Oxfordshire through the grounds of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, near Didcot, on Monday including 22 club members. The winner of the longest 7.5km A course with 60 metres of climb and 32 controls to find was Harrison McCartney M18 who took 46.30mins; Nathan Lawson M18 was 5th in 50.21mins.

Chris McCartney M45 was 7th on the 6.6km B course taking 51.40mins and Harriet Lawson W20 was 2nd women on the same course in 56.20mins. Barry Elkington M55 was top OD performer coming 5th on the 6.3km C course finding 26 controls in 45.32mins. 

Bruce Bryant M55 won the 4.5km D course taking 36.06mins. Matthew Elkington M20 won the 3.6km E course in 24.27mins, Stephen Elkington M18 was 3rd in 36.20mins and Sheila Carey W65 4th in 40.52mins. Alfie Bullus M16 was 3rd on the 3.6km F course in 28.17mins.


Burton Dassett Hills Country Park Results

Suzanne Harding and Ian Prowse devised the 4 courses and as usual it proved a very popular venue. On the Long 5km course with 250 metres of climb William Gardner M21 found the 29 controls in an incredible time of 26.24mins, Aleksandrs Ivanovs M35 2nd in 37.33mins and Kirsten Strain W21 3rd in 38.58mins. Bruce Bryant M55 won the 3.7km course in 34.18mins, Richard Gardner M60 2nd in 35.03mins and Sam Leadley 3rd 42.53mins. Lucas Howarth M21 1st in 18.55mins on the 2.5km course, Sian Gardner W55 2nd in 25.40mins and Nick Hunnisett M70 3rd in 31.23mins. 1st on the Short 1.3km course was Max Straube-Roth M6 in 20.11mins, Freddie Walker M10 2nd in 25.32mins and Keith Barrow M50 3rd in 27.13mins.


Details about next local events, venues, start times, courses and costs are on the club website. Runners and walkers of all ages, 5 – 85 years, and abilities are always welcome to come along to try out this outdoor adventure navigation sport. Help is available to all newcomers. A large scale map and electronic timers are provided; bring a compass if you have one. To find out more see website or tel: 01926 632189


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